Our Crew’s Favorite Camping Memories

Campfire is our latest release straight from the vault — here for a limited time. It features a nostalgic, woody accord that’s complex yet balanced and slightly sweet, with notes of smoke, firewood, and raspberry, and is oh so nostalgic. To indulge in its memory-inducing effect, we asked our team about their favorite camping memories, and this is what they shared:
Campfire– 7.2 oz Soy Candle | P.F. Candle Co. Los Angeles
"My favorite camping memory took place during summer 2020. My best friend and I found the perfect camping spot in the Sawtooth Mountains, set up our campsite, and had a weekend at Redfish Lake. We went hiking, swimming, and she even saw her first shooting star! The Sawtooths and Stanley, Idaho are my most favorite places on earth because of memories like this one."
- Maddie Martin, Major Sales Coordinator

"In the Santa Monica mountains during 2015 we set up our tent under a huge tree, and later that night, we heard movement outside our tent and somebody trying to find the tent opening. It was terrifying. We grabbed our flashlight and yanked open the tent flap, ready to fight Michael Myers, only to discover that the tree above us was full of raccoons! Even little baby raccoons were holding on to their mothers. They had been trying to get into our lockbox full of food. The next morning we saw little dirty handprints everywhere on our tent! Made for a good laugh."
- Sarah Lee Perez, Production Assistant

"I didn't really camp growing up, but as an adult, I fell in love with camping in Big Sur. The campsite I usually stay at has such a dense canopy of trees that when the light comes through, it can spotlight certain spots, and during one stay, I had a spotlight directly on my site. Just made the whole thing feel more magical."
- Hollin Brodeur, Shop Development Manager

"I've been camping at Jalama Beach since I was three weeks old. It's north of Santa Barbara and the land of the Chumash Tribe. Jalama Beach has everything you can ask for in a perfect camping site, including the best burgers in town. This place holds many special memories: it's where I learned how to ride a bike and how to surf. I'll continue camping there until I'm 100 years old."
- Rachel Torres, Production Assistant- Candles Department

"Fern Canyon with my husband! We saw elk on a foggy beach right before our hike, and it's also where scenes of Jurassic Park Lost World were shot! I am a sucker for a foggy morning when everything is dewy, and the air is brisk."
- Ariel Urias, Customer Care Associate

"Every Summer camping in upstate NY with childhood friends, we were all on the soccer and crew team together! My favorite was getting Magical Flames for the fire to make the flames a different color 😂🌈🔥✨😳”
- Anna Agapito, Customer Care Associate

"Favorite camping memory is when I went to Sequoia National Park with my friends and had no connection to the internet, just us and nature. Spending nights outdoors and seeing the stars not visible in the city, and waking up in nature and going fishing, good times."
- Anthony Rojas, Receiving Handler


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