Back From the Vault: Campfire

Part of the joy in camping comes from its challenges. The bug bites, figuring out how to pitch your tent, little bumps along the way, and the general lack of comforts from home all melt away around a roaring fire, crackling with its alluring light and warming comfort. We’ve all experienced the magic of a campfire, the golden glow illuminating the faces of people whose company we enjoy, while the stars shine down as the moon’s piercing cool light illuminates the landscape. There’s something nostalgic about these experiences shared around a blazing fire. That’s the magic of camping: the possibility of what you might see or do and the lifelong memories created with your friends and family when you’re all gathered around a campfire instead of a television. All while sharing stories, endless amounts of s’mores with unintentionally scorched marshmallows dripping over rich chocolate, and good times.
P.F. Candle Co. Campfire Vault Release P.F. Candle Co. Campfire Vault Release

These anecdotes sparked the inspiration behind Campfire, our latest scent drop straight from the vault. Initially released in October 2019, this scent features a nostalgic and woody accord. It opens with notes of smoke and pine topping layers of raspberry and vanilla that add allure to the birch tar, firewood, and vetiver base notes. As we enter the autumn season and temperatures begin to drop, hitting the road to our favorite camping destinations seems a bit complicated, unless, of course, you’re one of those people who don’t mind camping in cold weather. But for the rest of us, we light one up for some cozy atmosphere and feel that comforting nostalgia as we too gaze into this soy candle’s alluring glow. Who says you can’t make s’mores at home? We’ve all roasted marshmallows over a stove flame, right?
P.F. Candle Co. Los Angeles Campfire Vault Release In-Store S'mores Promotion

Shop Campfire in-store from Oct. 1st through the 3rd before it officially launches online, and get a free s'mores kit with orders $50+ that include at least one Campfire candle. Available in-store only through the weekend while supplies last.

Campfire will officially release on Tuesday, Oct. 5th. Did we mention you can save $5 on bundles of two Campfire Standard Candles in-store and online? Vault releases go quick, so don’t sleep on this!

Shops Info:
Echo Park Flagship | LA
Open 11-7, Every Day
2205 W Sunset Blvd

North Beach | SF
Open 11-6, Sun-Thurs
Open 11-7, Fri-Sat
1422 Grant Ave


I’m about to finish my last Campfire candle…please bring this back soon!

Jennifer September 15, 2023

I neeeeeed this scent back in my life. It’s SO good. Literally the perfect candle.

Samantha February 27, 2023

I am addicted to CAMPFIRE ! PLEASE call when you get back in stock,

Harriett Bulhoes February 21, 2023

I missed Campfire in 2021… pleeeaaaase bring it back in 2022!! I will seriously stock up!

Nicole September 15, 2022

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