Top Five Design Tips From Queer Eye, Season 6

Our latest binge-worthy obsession? Season 6 of Queer Eye, of course. Sassy and over the top, and the entertaining breath of fresh air we've been craving during these weird times. Through all of the tear-inducing moments and heartwarming transformations, we've taken away some pretty solid tips from the Fab Five's interior designer, Bobby Berk.


Okay, this one is one we live by, and taking care of your home is a form of self-care in our book. Berk reminds us that "taking care of your home, it's like medicine for your soul, and minimizing the chaos and clutter in your home allows you to minimize the chaos and clutter in your mind." We recommend starting with one corner of your home at a time to avoid becoming overwhelmed.
Top 5 Design Tips From Queer Eye, Season 6 | Common Scents: The P.F. Blog


Interior design is a form of self-expression and exploration. Berk gives some sage advice when choosing the large pieces in your home. "My rule on large pieces in the home like sofas and dining tables — do things that are neutral. And then pillows and rugs you can switch out, depending on how you feel."


Another important self-care tip that includes your atmosphere is creating a relaxing space in your home where you can decompress and recharge. "Sometimes you might not realize that creating a relaxing environment can help you accomplish more," Berk says, and we couldn't agree more.
Top 5 Design Tips From Queer Eye, Season 6 | Common Scents: The P.F. Blog


This one is for all the plant lovers out there. While we don't proclaim to have the greenest thumb, we're always looking for inexpensive ways to keep our plant buds happy. This tip helps fertilize your garden and plants quickly and cheaply. According to Berk, all you have to do is "take a teaspoon of Epsom salt, you can put it directly into the soil, or you can take another teaspoon, put it in a cup of water and lightly spray it on the leaves."
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We are big supporters of sustainable living, and we're proud to say that we're one of the first fragrance brands in the design + home category that's Climate Neutral Certified. It means Climate Neutral helped us calculate our carbon emissions using their unique BEE tool and offset them by purchasing carbon offset credits in their thoroughly vetted carbon credit pool. We're also held accountable to reduce our emissions in two different ways, reducing our electricity usage as a company by 10%, and redesigning our wholesale shipping packaging to increase efficiency and decrease waste. Many of our products are designed to be repurposed and reused — like our amber glass jars, tins, and hand wash containers. "By using used and repurposed stuff, you can still stand by your ideals. You can make a positive impact on the environment, and you can really achieve beautiful sustainable living," Berk says. Check out this blog post to learn how to properly clean out your glass jars and tins and give them a new life, and this post to learn more about our Climate Neutral journey.

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