Reuse, Recycle: What To Do With P.F. Empties

We keep the lifespan of our products at the top of mind, from production all the way to what happens to containers once you’ve used up your soy candle, reed diffuser, room spray, or incense cones. This past summer, we kick started our jar recycling program at our Echo Park shop, and we also have a few useful suggestions on how to reuse containers.

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There are many creative ways in which you can reuse your empties. Use them for storage, organizing your home or office, or as planters or propagation vessels. The possibilities are endless, but first, make sure to properly clean your candle jars.


  • OVEN METHOD: Remove all labels and pop your candle jar in the oven at its lowest setting until any remaining wax melts. Carefully remove the jar from the oven to pour the wax into the trash, pop out the wick holder using a spoon or fork, and wipe the inside clean with a cloth. Hand wash, rinse, and dry.
  • FREEZER METHOD: Place your candle into the freezer until the remaining wax hardens, then carefully chip out and throw away the wax using a spoon, being sure to remove the wick holder as well. Use a cloth to wipe the inside clean, hand wash, rinse, and dry.
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If you’re reusing your amber glass candle jar as a planter, add some small rocks for drainage to the bottom before adding soil. For Sunset candles, you can use a drill to carefully create a drainage hole.


Just hand wash, rinse, and dry! Reed diffuser and room spray bottles are great for propagating, simply fill with water and add your cuttings.

Note: Vessels should be hand washed before reuse and not placed inside dishwashers. We do not suggest using candle jars or any P.F. packaging for reuse as food storage or drinkware.
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Return your clean, empty candle jars to our Echo Park shop and receive $1 in store credit for every jar returned (minimum of 3) toward your purchase!

Note: We’re currently accepting Classic glass candle jars only. Must bring three or more clean jars to receive store credit.

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Hi there, do you accept shipments to your Echo Park store for recycling?

Kendall September 15, 2022

Thanks for your question, Faith! We suggest keeping items you eat or drink with separate from items that once held fragrances in them, and hand washing is the best way to do so. If you have additional questions, reach out to us at anytime.

P.F. Candle Co. October 01, 2021

why not put the glass jars in the dishwasher?

faith krohlow October 01, 2021

Please bring this to the SF store!

Ryan Paredez October 01, 2021

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