Three Reasons You Need Reed Diffusers

We’re in the thick of hot summer days and while we love all the joys and activities that come along with this season, we always remember to take care of our spaces. Listen, we love burning candles throughout the day, regardless of the weather, but we also know that it’s not everyone’s approach. What do we reach for when the temps start to rise and we want to make sure our spaces smell incredible? Reed diffusers, of course. We love these for the simple reason that they are so easy to use and come in a plethora of incredible scents. Sign us up.


Ok, so how do reed diffusers work? P.F. reed diffusers contain a blend of naturally-derived and man-made fragrance oils. Each diffuser includes a bundle of naturally-harvested rattan reeds to absorb and slowly release the fragrance throughout your space. We create a variety of unique fragrances designed for any fragrance preference. When you insert the all-natural reed sticks into the fragrance oils, the reeds slowly absorb the oils and suspend them into the air, gently filling your space with the delectable aromas. We recommend flipping the sticks once a week to refresh the fragrance throw potency, and we also recommend keeping the reeds clean from dust or anything else that might clog them. And voila! You have an easy to use option to keep the feel-good smells flowing without the high maintenance.


This low maintenance fragrance option is the best when you’re looking for an effortless fragrance throw. They are designed to ‘set and forget’ so when you return home, or any place these bad boys are perched, your space will be filled with your favorite fragrance. We love coming home from a fun beach day and being greeted by our Teakwood & Tobacco reed diffuser and our lil furry buddy, Hazel. The best part? You can incorporate one in every room in your home (why not?!) to create a unique vibe to each space. Trust us, it’s so much fun and when you walk into a different room, the unique fragrance will immediately set whatever mood you’re going for.


Alright, so you’ve decided to take our advice and incorporate reed diffusers throughout your home. Now what? Well, besides enjoying the wafting aroma, reed diffusers create a nice baseline to build off of to create a unique experience every time. Burn some incense before you begin your work day to clear the mind and focus. Light a soy candle right before you immerse yourself into a soothing bath. Spray your sheets after you’ve made your bed, or your couch after you’ve tidied up your living room, with a Room & Linen Spray and build upon the fragrance baseline that the reed diffuser of your choice has laid out. Just remember to place your reed diffuser in a stable place out of the way from small children and pets to avoid making a (very good smelling) mess.


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