Four Interior Design Trends We're Loving

Trends come and go, but when it comes to interior design, we love incorporating pieces and elements to our personal interior style that makes it even more unique. Below are four of our favorite trends we’ve seen in 2022 and which scents to pair them with. Let’s face it, home fragrance is the last step of every interior design approach and the easiest way to change up the vibe in a snap.


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We’ve noticed the return of maximalism in interior design, and after the rise of minimalism we love to see a visually engaging approach involving patterns, colors, and textures — all layered to create a well balanced façade. This eclectic style creates a totally unique environment that’s all about embracing being ‘extra’. Think richly hued palettes with touches of texture and patterns, while mixing different styles and eras to create a personalized expression. What scent would we pair with this style? Moonrise, of course. The blend of yuzu, Indian jasmine, and smoked cedarwood creates a sultry and complex fragrance that we can’t get enough of. Light a scented soy candle to set the mood, burn an incense cone to decompress or focus, and put out a reed diffuser to keep its balmy notes floating throughout the room.


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Biophilic design is intended to connect our inherent need to interact with nature in the modern environment. After the last couple of years, the importance of what we have in our personal spaces and how they make us feel has been emphasized, and we’ve noticed a pattern of bringing the outdoors in using this design style and we’re loving it. Think natural light sources like skylights, floor to ceiling windows, atriums, courtyards or wall to wall doors that open to an outdoor space. The use of natural colors and materials such as wood and stone in spaces that include natural geometries such as fractals and curves is quintessentially a major part of this style approach.

Another design trend we’ve been loving is the addition of plants. A lot of them. Everywhere. While this is nothing new, creating spaces that fit our needs and help us feel good has never been more important. There is something about adding a plant (or plants) to a space that seems like the missing puzzle piece has been found. The best part? There are so many different varieties and styles that can be incorporated, depending on the environment (like how much light is in a room), to match your personal interior style approach.

Which scent do we recommend pairing with this design style? San Francisco, of course. Its green and damp notes of dewy oakmoss and cypress leaf paired with the dry, woody character of old-growth redwoods is the ideal balance, especially if you want to bring a touch of the outdoors in. We recommend lighting this candle during a calm evening; it’s the perfect scent for winding down after your day.


Image courtesy of Dwell.
Necessity is the mother of invention, and in the last couple of years, we’ve had to reconfigure our spaces at home, because for a while, it was where we worked, relaxed, worked out, and found entertainment. Now, as things are evolving, the trend has stuck around. We’ve found a multitude of uses for spaces that previously were dedicated to one function. For example, using the dining room as a home office space, or using the office as a workout room. Bringing versatility to a space helps us realize that we truly can live with less. If you’re looking for versatility, our go-to scent and an all-time fave is Teakwood & Tobacco. It’s woody, it’s citrusy, and it’s perfect anytime of day.

Light a soy wax candle anytime, anywhere and layer incense to intensify the fragrance. Add a reed diffuser with real rattan reeds for all around fragrance and use the room & linen spray for when your couch, sheets, and even when your car interior needs a lil fragrance pick-me-up.



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Playful interiors are a common theme, and we’re here for it. We love incorporating bold decorative elements into our spaces, especially if they are treasures found while thrifting. Seventies decor and colors are back and finding unique pieces add personality and depth. We also really dig the bolder combinations of color and patterns we’ve been seeing. Small details like hardware and trims are great when looking to switch up the vibe of a space without spending too much time and money.

We’re here for curvy furniture and decor. The soft and sculptural shapes give off a calm and cozy vibe that we love. The straight-lined minimal trend has moved toward a more organic approach that allows for comfort to be emphasized. Paired with funky and plush textures and cool color combinations, the possibilities to personalize your space are endless. For this trend we’d pair it with Sweet Grapefruit. We love the complexity of this scent. It combines grapefruit, yuzu, and lemon for a citrusy crystalline sweet, yet tart and bright accord. It smells like enjoying a meal al fresco surrounded by lemon trees on a bright summer day. We love to burn a soy candle during the day to add a touch of smell-good atmosphere to our daily routines. Keep a reed diffuser, made with fine fragrance oils, to infuse any space with Sweet Grapefruit’s lively scent, and use a room & linen spray to keep linens and spaces smelling great.


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