It’s Time for a Getaway

Summer, the season of outdoor hangs and adventures. While we look for inspiration just about anywhere, we’re also inspired by our own fragrances. Whether looking to transform your personal atmosphere into the ideal escape, or you’re looking for inspiration for your next adventure, we have you covered with our current faves.


This iconic city is rooted in history and boasts incredible cultural diversity. With its many pockets and neighborhoods, there’s something for everyone. Head to the Mission, pick up a massive burrito at any of its delicious Mexican restaurants, and head to Dolores Park for a picnic with a view. We also love heading to Muir Woods in the North Bay. Hike through its many trails and enjoy the tallest trees on earth, Redwoods. Our latest scented soy candle added to our Classic line of home fragrances — San Francisco — was inspired by The City’s many landscapes. This grounding scent comes in our most popular Standard Candle size. Its woody, herbaceous, and peppery notes are perfect for calm moments and moody evenings.


This oceanside destination is surrounded by stunning views and loads of greenery. We love to hike its many trails dotted across the coast. Our fave? Russian Gulch Fern Canyon, a moderate hike that leads to a 36-foot waterfall. If you’re ravenous after your hike, head to North Coast Brewing where they serve a varied menu and feature a well-rounded selection of beers. What scent does this coastal hideaway remind us of? Patchouli Sweetgrass! This calming scent comes in both the Standard Candle size and incense. Its creamy and herbaceous notes, including sweetgrass with a touch of smoke, remind us of laid back summer days spent outside.



If you’ve never heard of this iconic location, well, we don’t know what to say. Known for its rugged terrain and stunning views, this isolated stretch of coastline offers plenty of hiking, beaches, and other recreational options. If camping is your thing, there are plenty of sites available for overnight use. Not the sleep-under-the-stars type? A variety of accommodations are dotted throughout this golden coastline. Our fave scent inspired by Big Sur? Golden Coast, of course. It's also available as a scented soy candle, reed diffuser, incense, car fragrance, and room spray that can be used as air freshener or to keep linens and fabrics smelling incredible. Featuring notes of eucalyptus, sea salt, redwood, and palo santo it smells dry and woody. Meant for afternoon lounging with your favorite beverage as the sun peeks through.


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