Escentials Zine Vol. 6: Part 2

Home fragrance gives the ability to curate your atmosphere and create whatever environment you’re looking for. The way we see it, fragrance is an essential, and in our latest zine we talk to long-time P.F. friends and crew members to learn what their essentials are for creating the perfect atmosphere. Want to get your hands on a copy? This latest zine is included with every order while supplies last.

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Escentials Zine Vol. 6: Part 2 | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog

Tom Neuberger | COO and Co-Owner of P.F.

What are your essentials for curating your atmosphere? 
The key to creating a good atmosphere is layers — good music, scents, clean textures, and good food, depending on the situation. For example, a dinner party might be food, taper candles, light music, and clean linens (table cloth, napkins, etc.)

How does using fragrance in your space affect your mood?
I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently. One morning I watched an animal documentary about salmon returning to their birthplace to spawn. They use olfactory memories to guide themselves back to their home. I imagine we have a similar capacity to operate under scent. But, of course, smell is such a primitive sense for us. How much of our prior experiences are linked to scent in our environment? I think it’s easiest to grasp during the holidays. The smells of the foods and decorations are so comforting because they are part of such a soothing ritual.

Carla Flores-Mercado | Bar Flores

Owner of Bar Flores, a neighborhood bar in Echo Park offering an immersive experience to Angelenos centered around live music and vibrant cocktails.

What are your essentials for curating your atmosphere?
- Palo Santo & incense: Our bar staff always tries and burn on some down time and it really relaxes the vibe.
- Candles: We light our candles rain or shine, open to close!
- Good music: Our bar plays world music and we keep the volume above voice level, to give people privacy for conversations or to vibe out and groove to the beat!

How do you use fragrance in your routines?
Besides our daily rituals of Palo Santo and sage, I try to personally sage the building every other week to provide a safe and comfortable, relaxing space and I think that carries on throughout our bar. 

Rekeema Pace | Digital Creator
(@rekeemapace, Youtube: Detailed Dream)

Los Angeles-based fragrance curator and owner of Detailed Dream, a YouTube channel dedicated to scent reviews, candle care tips, and elevating the everyday.

What are your essentials for curating your atmosphere? 
When selecting different items for my space, such as decor and home fragrance, I have to absolutely be sure of the purpose they will serve. This will ensure that my atmosphere has balance, peace, and comfort, while showing my personality through any fragrance or decor I bring into my space. The only downside to having a comfortable atmosphere is getting guests to leave.

How does fragrance tie your space together?
Before I started my home fragrance journey, it always felt like something was missing in my space. I then introduced luxury candles to my home, and there was an instant feeling of satisfaction. The missing link that my space needed was better smelling candles. Something I now keep in mind is even though my space may look great, the fragrance also has to match in order to perfectly convey the mood I’m trying to set.

Samantha Woo | Development Coordinator at P.F.

What are your essentials for curating your atmosphere?
When my partner and I moved in together, our goal was to create a space that featured both of our interests and collections equally. I feel that we both value being surrounded by the things that bring us the most joy, especially in our own home. So for me, my essentials are plants, cats, and cute knick knacks, and for my partner, his essentials are his toys, figures, and books.

How do you use fragrance in your routines?
I like to light incense in the mornings while getting ready for the day. Smelling the incense burn throughout the apartment is like smelling a fresh cup of coffee. Interestingly enough, it both wakes me up and zens me out, if that makes sense. I feel that the space also gets a quick fragrance “boost” first thing in the morning after burning incense.

Candles are for the evenings — there’s something about experiencing the warmth and the glow of a candle at night that helps me unwind. They help to get rid of any cooking smells in the apartment after dinner as well!
Escentials Zine Vol. 6: Part 2 | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog

Trent Vierra & Wesley Gray | Harvest Moon Bungalow

Long-time P.F. friends and designers of Harvest Moon Bungalow.

What are your essentials for curating your atmosphere?
Curating an atmosphere in our home is one of our favorite things to do, especially as we settle into the fall season and find ourselves gathering more and more with our friends and family.

The most essential element in curating our atmosphere is music. We ALWAYS have music playing in our home. Whether it be a selection from my vinyl collection, or one of my obsessively curated playlists, the vibe is not set until there’s some music playing in the background setting the tone.

Another essential is making sure our space feels cozy and comfortable. Textured blankets, plush pillows, comforting beverages, and homemade, slow cooked meals. These are elements that work together to create a sense of “hygge,” a Danish word that embodies a lifestyle that becomes more and more important as the autumn days darken into winter. We want everyone in our home to feel, well, at home. There’s nothing better than to be curled up on the sofa with some cozy blankets, great conversation, and warming beverages, as the scent of a lovingly prepared meal wafts in from the kitchen.

And then there’s fragrance. My mom, who has always prided herself on hosting, has also always been the queen of candles. Fragrance plays a huge role in her hosting mantra, as she always makes sure there is a candle (or two), usually a seasonally appropriate scent, burning in each room. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree as Wesley and I also always have to have candles burning in each room when hosting a gathering in our home. Lingering fragrances full of nostalgia as well as warm, golden lighting are essential elements in atmosphere curation.

Oh, and a clean home that feels welcoming and inviting is also a crucial element.

Yuka Kim | Resident Objects

Co-owner of Resident Objects, a popular platform where visitors can find an eclectic mix of pastel 80s and 90s vintage homegoods.

What are your essentials for curating your atmosphere? 
I like my favorite areas of my house to be surrounded by my favorite colors. Colors that make me feel happy and relaxed are purples, greens, and orange. Mood lighting is also a must!

How do you use fragrance in your routines?
I light a candle every night. Not only does it make my apartment smell good, it also adds to the mood lighting.

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