A Climate Neutral Update

There are so many buzzwords floating around like “eco-friendly” and “sustainable”. What do these really mean, though? Let’s start with our Climate Neutral Certification, what that means, and why it’s important to us.
A Climate Neutral Update | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog


Climate Neutral is working to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions. They envision a world where all consumer brands take responsibility for their climate pollution. So far, they’ve removed 1,112,720 Tonnes of CO2 offset through a portfolio of projects including reforestation and renewable energy development. Brands like ours partner with Climate Neutral to invest in projects like reforestation and renewable energy development by purchasing carbon credits, which are based on yearly carbon output. Access to these initiatives, in addition to implementing our Reduction Action Plan, helps us to completely offset our yearly carbon output.

We are in our second year of recertification with Climate Neutral allowing us to continue to invest in projects that reduce carbon in the environment. More updates to come on that soon!


P.F. is all about making amazing products that will make your atmosphere smell incredible without sacrificing our environment. Here are a few ways we have implemented our Reduction Action Plan.
A Climate Neutral Update | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog


As part of our Reduction Action Plan with Climate Neutral, all of our locations, including our shops, now run completely on 100% renewable energy through our providers as of August 2022. Renewable energy is a form of energy that comes from natural resources and is rapidly renewed by natural processes. For example, electricity is produced from clean, sustainable energy sources such as wind, water, and sun. Some examples of the renewable technology used include wind turbines, small hydroelectric turbines, and photovoltaic (solar) cells. Our providers use a variety of these technologies to provide renewable energy to all of our locations.
A Climate Neutral Update | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog


The soy wax we use is grown domestically here in the US. Because we use up to 1600 lbs of wax to produce our scented soy candles on any given day, using a domestic partner for our wax keeps our carbon footprint down, and we can avoid hauling it across an ocean in order to import it.

As explained by our Co-Founder, Kristen Pumphrey, “soy is indeed a renewable resource — the only limit to the amount of soy wax would be the amount we could grow, whereas something like paraffin is a finite resource from petroleum.” While soy wax is sustainable, there are aspects of its production and distribution that inevitably emit carbon. Kristen explains, “this doesn’t factor in transportation or the process of transforming the plant into wax, so it’s sort of a half truth that soy is carbon neutral.” This is where Climate Neutral comes in. They provide access to carbon neutralizing initiatives that help us completely offset transportation emissions, amongst other things.

A Climate Neutral Update | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog


We avoid using plastic packaging where we can, and all of our product packaging used for our soy candles, incense, reed diffusers, room sprays, and hand and body wash can be reused or recycled. We also keep this at the forefront when shipping our products, either directly to your door or to our stockist partners. We optimize space when shipping wholesale orders and use recyclable cardboard and paper to secure our products and ensure safe transportation. These are small steps that, as a whole, make a huge impact.

Carbon Neutral requires all brands to develop and implement a Reduction Action Plan (RAP) to reduce their emissions, and we have put these plans into action to continue getting recertified. We believe in taking the steps necessary to reduce our carbon output while partnering with Climate Neutral to support our net-zero initiatives. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.
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