Tips and Seasonal Scents for a Cozy Fall

As much as we’d like the warm weather to stick around much longer, the cooler days ahead are inevitably coming, and we love adding an extra touch of cozy to our spaces. Switching up the vibe keeps spaces like our home, office, and studio feeling fresh and the energy flowing with the help of seasonal scents, like candles, reed diffusers, room spray, and incense. Here are a few tips to help inspire you to jumpstart your seasonal refresh and indulge in the magic of autumn.
Tips and Seasonal Scents for a Cozy Fall | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog


With the return of our seasonal scents, changing up the vibe of any space is made super easy, especially with the cooler months ahead when we spend more time indoors with friends and family, or are simply enjoying our solitude. We love lighting Spiced Pumpkin right before cuddling under blankets as we put on a favorite movie. Practical Magic, anyone? Apple Picking (yep, it's back!) is great for when you feel like making a fresh batch of cookies, or if you’re feeling inspired to make fresh apple pie with all the apples you picked at the orchard last weekend. Its notes of crisp apples, mulled cider, and cedarwood are both comforting and nostalgic. Spruce is a classic and a favorite when you’re in the mood to bask in the aromatic magic of a real christmas tree. We love lighting a scented soy candle while lounging in the living room and enjoying notes of snow powder, blue spruce, cedarwood, and citrus.

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When refreshing any area, we recommend starting with a clean slate. Move all your furniture away from the walls, vacuum your floors and wipe down those walls. Don’t forget to dust the corners of the room where cobwebs tend to gather, and while you’re at it, wipe down your window sills and windows. While you’re at it, clear any clutter that’s been piling up on the sidelines and either find a new home for these items or donate them. Keeping your space clean and tidy creates the perfect canvas to reinvent the energy.


Now that you have a clean space, it’s time to put everything back, but why not rearrange some pieces to reset a space’s perspective? Move your couch to a different side of the room, switch your bedroom furniture around, but just remember to keep them in a commanding position facing a doorway to help welcome good energy into the space. Take this opportunity to find a new function for smaller pieces, use that vintage stool as a side table, or that singular chair that doesn’t seem to have a purpose as a plant stand. Restyle your credenzas and tables and add fresh flowers to different corners, and maybe now’s the time to rearrange your books and shelves and edit your collection. This is an opportunity to get creative and view your space in a new way.
Tips and Seasonal Scents for a Cozy Fall | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog


Alright, so you’ve cleaned and rearranged, now it’s time for the fun part, adding color! The palette of the fall season includes rich hues that represent those of changing foliage, but really, anything goes as it’s your space! Typically autumn colors include various shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown in saturated tones that inspire warmth and comfort. Switch out your throw pillow covers or swap out your rugs for an easy change. Not a color stan? Try to incorporate different textures that are plush, soft, and welcoming for a similar effect.

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We’re glad you’re enjoying the return of our Seasonal Classics. If you’d like to learn more about our reed diffusers, check out our blog post titled, ‘Three Reasons You Need Reed Diffusers’. You can also click on Shop By Product in the main menu to see the full range of scents we have available in reed diffusers and room and linen sprays. We recommend Piñon or Teakwood & Tobacco reed diffusers and Golden Coast and Teakwood & Tobacco room and linen sprays for fall.

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P.F. Candle Co. August 25, 2022

I would like to know more about room sprays ( linen sprays) and the different scents you have for them also the same info about the diffusers! Thank you. Also I love the old favs being back on the shelves

Susan Caron August 25, 2022

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