Take Notes: Scent Layering

Take Notes: An educational series meant to make you a scent expert. We explore all things scent-related and guide you along the way.

Today we’re talking scent layering and how you can create your very own fragrance experience. Whether you’re looking for a stronger scent throw or a custom blend of fragrances to fit your mood – we’ve got you covered. There’s no right or wrong way to layer scents, as it’s customized to your particular preference. We’ve put together a how-to + a list of our current faves that will inspire you to explore the world of home fragrance and have a little fun along the way.

How-to layer scents:

1. Pick scents from the same fragrance family, like two woody scents or two florals.
2. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try combining two or more opposite fragrances.
3. After choosing your scents, use different product types (like a candle and a reed diffuser, incense and a room spray, etc.) to create a unique fragrance experience.
4. If you want to avoid a “what the h*ll is that smell?” moment, avoid combining scents that are dark or heady on their own — they can be overwhelming when used together.
5. Most importantly, have fun! Experiment with different scents and fragrance families based on room or time of day.

Our suggested blends:

Cedar & Sagebrush Candle + Moonrise Incense Cones
Light a soy candle and take scent layering to the next level by lighting an incense cone— each cone typically burning for about 25 minutes. The herbal top notes of Cedar & Sagebrush open up, complementing the soft musk and woody notes of Moonrise Incense.

Sunbloom Candle + Golden Coast Room & Linen Spray
This combination screams summer. Sunbloom is bright and alluring with Golden-rayed lily, herbaceous yarrow, and warm tonka bean—  a note similar to vanilla but with more complex, spice-forward characteristics. Combined with a few sprays of Golden Coast, you’ll be transported to the Central California Coast surrounded by wild blooms in no time.

Piñon Reed Diffuser + Patchouli Sweetgrass Incense Sticks
Piñon is one of those warm and inviting fragrances that immediately evokes feelings of comfort. Light a Patchouli Sweetgrass stick alongside a Piñon diffuser and decompress into a meditative scent experience with this herbaceous, creamy blend.

Want to learn even more about fragrance and interior design? Check out Kristen and Tom’s book: At Home with Fragrance, available NOW. If you’ve tried scent layering before, let us know which P.F. combinations are your faves in the comments below!

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