Comfort Zones: Harvest Moon Chalet


Meet Trent + Wesley, owners and designers of Harvest Moon Chalet; a Big Bear Lake Airbnb filled with P.F. scents and autumn-inspired decor.

<“We were inspired to create a place reminiscent of the nostalgia of fall and fading mountain sunsets. A place where ALL guests can feel safe, especially guests in our own community who may not feel a small mountain town is for them. We want to change the idea of what visiting the mountains can be like.”

The design: Simple, nature-inspired, and cozy.
“From bringing out the natural beauty of the cognac wood ceiling with contrasting dark beams, to making a simple vintage mirror that hung in the original cabin the star of the show.”

The signature scent: Piñon
“I (Trent) was one of the first to review it when it came out! I likened it to growing up in the high desert and going out to hike up nearby mountains, where the sun warms vanilla-scented pines and needle-laden soil. Early in the design process, we knew we needed a signature scent and that it had to be Piñon.” Shop Piñon here.

How our first book, At Home With Fragrance, guided the design:
“The section on using fragrance by room has totally inspired us to rethink our approach to scent at the Chalet. We now have a Golden Hour diffuser in our bathroom, a perfect complement to its sunset-inspired color block shower tiles.” Shop Golden Hour, or learn more about our book here.

“We want Harvest Moon to be the place where you take the extra time to brew coffee in a Chemex, then take that fresh cup outside to the deck to listen to the birds. A place to light a candle, put on a record, and snuggle into a blanket.”

Follow Trent & Wesley on Instagram @harvestmoonchalet, or book your summer getaway here.

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