Swap Out Your Winter Faves for These Spring Scents

Swap Out Your Winter Faves for These Spring Scents | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog

Oh spring, the season where nature awakens from its winter slumber inspiring a refresh in our own spaces. It’s a time to re-evaluate what is no longer serving us, making way for new and exciting possibilities. Been thinking about deep cleaning your home? This is the season to do just that. With the urge to spring clean just about everything in our home, we can’t forget about the last step — adding fragrance. Check out our spring faves to replace your go-to winter scents and make way for all the new possibilities.


We love Dusk’s strong scent throw and spicy and aromatic notes. This scent is great for the living room or den, or any chill spot to be honest, especially after a spring reset. Its woody notes combined with blooming iris and palo santo create a cozy and soft atmosphere, perfect for those movie night marathons or enjoying conversations with good company. Set a reed diffuser for constant, all-around fragrance, and light a candle or two for the moments you’re enjoying cozy evenings on the couch. We love to light an incense cone along with a candle to really set the vibe.


Ok, so you’ve finally finished the biggest (in our humble opinion) deep cleaning job of the house — the kitchen. Finish the job off right with this gourmand scent that’s perfect for this space. This slightly sweet and spicy fragrance has slight notes of Evergreen for a rich and enticing accord that will pleasantly fill the room without inducing a headache.


A tried and true and one of our most popular scents! Amber & Moss is a classic, with its notes of sage, moss, and lavender, this earthy fragrance is perfect for the bathroom. You’ve worked hard to refresh this space, add the final touches that will transform it into a spa-like retreat. We recommend incorporating a reed diffuser for constant fragrance, our Room & Linen Spray for quick touch-ups, and candles to complement your self-care rituals.


We love this earthy scent for its moderate scent throw and soothing notes of cream, and sweetgrass, with a touch of smoke. We love to use this scent after a bedroom refresh. It’s a laid-back, relaxing fragrance that is perfect to use anytime!


So you’ve gone decluttered your desk or office space and you’re looking for that final touch? I think you know where we’re going with this. We love Moonrise for its subtle scent throw and its balmy notes of yuzu, Indian jasmine, and smoked cedarwood. Cedarwood’s invigorating quality is known to improve cerebral activity, while its calming property is known to relax the body. The combination of these properties has been shown to help enhance concentration, which makes it perfect for workspaces.

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