P.F. Candle Co. Zine, Vol. 1: Wish You Were Here

For our home state’s most magical season, we created a California-inspired Summer Collection complete with new gift sets, select scents, and now: a zine!

Volume 1 of the P.F. Candle Co. Zine takes you through 5 days in Los Angeles on 6 rolls of film, shot by candle maker and photo-taker, Garrett. Each order from our online shop will now include the 28-page zine, Wish You Were Here. Both color and black & white shots show off the places we love most, from Downtown to Venice and back to our Boyle Heights factory.

Some of Garrett's photos didn't make it into the zine, but we're sharing them anyway! Keep scrolling for a peek into our city. 
Taken hillside by Dodger Stadium, a great place to relax before the craziness of a baseball. Turn around from the same spot and you’ll see the LA skyline nearby.

Shot at a dog park near the Hollywood sign, a great way to see the view without competing against Griffith Observatory crowds. Drive through some neighborhoods to get there (even though the residents won't exactly be stoked). the LA skyline nearby.

A weekday afternoon at Echo Park's best spot for people watching and dog walking. the LA skyline nearby.

Taken on opposite sides of a Venice canal bridge, the perfect area to park for a day in Venice. the LA skyline nearby.

The arts district does dumpsters a little differently, hosting the city’s street artists on all sides.< the LA skyline nearby.

From those Venice canals, Garrett walked to the Santa Monica pier for the touristy spot he’ll never get sick of. the LA skyline nearby.

These photos were taken on a Canon Demi S using Ilford FP4 black & white film and Portra 400 color film. Check out more of Garrett's work on his Instagram and website.
To see the photos that made it in the zine, get your copy! Shop your favorites scents from our line and receive Wish You Were Here in your package.

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