Take Notes: Five Tips To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

An educational series meant to make you a scent expert. We explore all things scent-related and guide you along the way.

As fragrance experts, one of the things we take pride in is having an amazing smelling home. Not only is it an extension of our personal interior design, but it also plays a significant role in creating a welcoming and cozy atmosphere for ourselves and our guests. With the holiday season coming up, visits from friends and family are also in store.

Here are our five tips to keeping each room cozy for company:

Take Notes: Five Tips To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

The Living Room:

Layering scent gives a room depth, and it’s essential to consider the elements in every room, like furnishings and the scent they hold to build off that. For fall, Kristen likes to add classic seasonal scents that are balsamic and gourmand, think seasonal fruit, baking spices, and woodsy scents. Reed diffusers are great for all-around fragrance, and you can layer additional scents using room sprays, candles, and incense. We recommend scents like Piñon, Teakwood & Tobacco, Dusk, and two seasonal favorites Spruce and Campfire.

Take Notes: Five Tips To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

The Dining Room:

The dining room: a space that more often then not, serves a variety of different purposes. Kristen suggests incorporating all-around fragrance, like reed diffusers and room sprays, for the times your dining space serves other purposes besides sharing a meal (i.e., a workspace, craft station, etc.). Think balsamic fragrance notes since they are a little sweet and spicy. We recommend our limited edition Vanilla & Ghost Pepper and Black Fig.

Take Notes: Five Tips To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

The Kitchen:

Adding fragrance to your kitchen doesn’t have to be daunting. We like to incorporate green herbaceous, fruity, or gourmand scents that tie into the natural elements of spices and herbs in this space. Lean in with fruity, gourmand scents thinking about what scents will go well with what you’re cooking. All-around fragrance reed diffusers and room sprays are great to create the baseline, and candles and simmer pots are great for adding situational fragrance. To learn more about simmer pots along with DIYs, grab the book! Incense is a go-to for getting rid of lingering smells that aren’t necessarily welcome. We recommend scents like Sweet Grapefruit and Patchouli Sweetgrass.

Take Notes: Five Tips To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Bedrooms or Guest Rooms:

Scenting a bedroom depends on which mood and atmosphere you’re trying to set for yourself and any potential guests visiting for the holidays. Room and linen sprays are awesome for keeping the sheets fresh and candles for their mood-setting power. For that calm vibe, we recommend Golden Hour and Amber & Moss. For the sultry vibe, we’d go with Sandalwood Rose and Moonrise.

Take Notes: Five Tips To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

The Bathroom:

The bathroom can serve both function and relaxation, and it’s key to keep in mind what type of environment you are trying to create. Citrus, oakmoss, fruit, floral, and strong wood scents like teak smell like a breath of fresh air. Add reed diffusers for that base layer with candles for the scent throw and their relaxing glow. Room sprays are a must to keep the good smells (and vibes) going and use incense for any damage control. Keep the scent layering going with our amazing Hand & Body Wash, leaving a light, lingering scent on the skin. We recommend scents like Sunbloom, Swell, and Amber & Moss.

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To Build a Great Smelling Home All-Around:

Creating that unique-to-you first impression in your home is essential, especially when creating a great atmosphere for guests. Our products are designed for everyday use without giving you a headache. Start with a base, like reed diffusers, then layer candles and incense right before company arrives, and finally, room and linen spray for a quick refresh and keep linens smelling great.

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Great ideas, thank you; but NOTJING tops Tobacco & Teak Wood for versatility — my husband and I are both addicted to that sent, and we have it everywhere… In every bathroom, in the living room, in the bedroom, in the office, and the dining room. I am very sorry to have not seen this one even mentioned in this peace, I think it’s a bit of a hole in the “story“, but as long as it’s not going away, I’ll assume that it was just a tiny boo-boo.

Marla February 27, 2023

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