Refill + Recycle

Prioritize self-care while going waste-free with our zero waste Hand & Body Wash
refill stations. Great for refills of our reusable 8 oz Hand & Body Wash glass container, or any container you’d like to use — available at our L.A. and S.F. shops.

Save time and packaging with our one gallon bottle, good for 16 refills of our reusable 8 oz Hand & Body Wash glass container, or any container you’d like to use — plus, save $128! Available exclusively at our L.A. and S.F. shops.

Our Locations

Echo Park Flagship | LA
Open 11-7, Every Day
2205 W Sunset Blvd

North Beach | SF
Open 11-6, Sun-Thurs / 11-7, Fri-Sat
1422 Grant Ave

Refill Program FAQs

How does your Hand & Body Wash refill program work?
Bring in any clean container to refill at one of our locations in LA or SF, and notify our team to assist you. Our team will deduct the weight of the bottle for you, refill your bottle to your desire, and charge per ounce. Zero Waste Refills are 44% less than our standard bottles so they help you save money and reduce waste!

Can I bring in my own bottle to refill?
Yes! As long as it’s dry and clean. If you don’t have an empty bottle at home, we encourage you to purchase our 8oz Hand & Body Wash size and come back to refill when you’re ready.

How to Clean + Reuse Your P.F. Jars

  1. Place the jar in your oven at its lowest setting to melt any remaining wax
  2. Carefully remove the jar from the oven and discard the melted wax
  3. Pop out the wick holder using a spoon, and wipe the jar clean with a cloth
  4. Hand wash, rinse, dry, and reuse! Perfect for planters, storage, and more

Jar Recycling

Introducing the Jar Recycling program, now at our LA shop! Return your cleaned, empty candle jars to our Echo Park Flagship shop and receive a punch card towards a free product.

3 jars = 1 punch
10 punches = 1 free rotating product

Note: Currently accepting Classic glass candle jars and Sunset candle tins only. Must bring three or more jars to receive a card punch.

Jar Recycling FAQs

I’m not in LA - Can I mail in my jars?
We are only collecting jars in person at our Los Angeles location to streamline the process and reduce the carbon emissions we’d anticipate due to shipments back to us.

Can I return empty candle jars to the San Francisco shop?
At this time, our Jar Recycling Program is only available at our Los Angeles location.

What will P.F. be using the recycled jars for?
Our in-house Development Team will be reusing all recycled candle jars for development samples and scent testing. Recycled jars will not be put back into our regular production line or resold to customers.

Do I have to remove the labels from the jars before returning?
Yes, we ask that all candle jars be completely cleaned out with all side and bottom labels removed before returning to us.

 Can I bring in less than three candle jars?
Yes, you can, but we will only be offering card punches for three or more returns. Three jars will get you one punch on your card.

Can I bring in other empty P.F. products (reed diffusers, room sprays, incense tins)?
At this time, we are only accepting Classic and Sunset candle jars.

Can I bring in empty candle jars from other brands? 
We will only accept P.F. Candle Co. jar returns.