What We’ve Been Up To: Starting the Year With Self-care

The New Year feels ripe with the possibility to reinvent yourself; reshaping your health, your home, and your life. I’m a Virgo, so I’m a sucker for a good Marie Kondo-style organizational sprint, and as I mentioned before, I love the mental benefits and clarity that come from sorting your material belongings (easier than sorting your thoughts for a bit, no?) It got me thinking about ways that we care for ourselves and recharge. How can we use this dark, cold time to slowly rebalance our homes and our energy, carving out intentional time for restoration through everyday action? So in the spirit of that, I tapped the team to share their tips for rest, ritual, and self-care. Just remember, like electronics, people benefit from a good unplugging. Everything works a little better if you try turning it off and on again.

Here are a few rituals + self-care anecdotes from our crew:

“Cycling! It's essential because it's my primary form of transportation. I don't incorporate fragrance in cycling, but I experience it constantly. Fragrance and smelling things is one of the reasons I prefer to cycle than commute via a single person automobile. I immerse myself in my environment. I smell things for what they are. Sometimes that is good, like the smell of hot pine needles when cycling through Griffith Park. Sometimes it's bad, like when you’re following a garbage truck down the street. Either way, smelling things helps me be mindful and keeps me in the present moment.” – Tom, COO and Co-owner

“I love lighting Ojai Lavender incense in the morning. A Patchouli Sweetgrass candle in my bedroom is perfect after a good deep clean — it’s one of my favorite rituals. I also love giving my friends P.F. candles!” – Astrid, Echo Park Shop Manager
What We’ve Been Up To: Starting the Year With Self-care | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog

“Don't tell my co-workers, but I'm a bit of a slob at home! However, once a week I manage to get my apartment in tip top shape. Dishes done, laundry is folded, cat litter is refreshed, and my Dyson gets its weekly time to shine. A clean home puts me in a happy mood. At the end of my cleaning journey I always light a couple of incense cones to wind me down and help give my space a moody ambience. I love our incense for their instant ability to uplift a space in seconds.” – Sarah, Officer Manager
What We’ve Been Up To: Starting the Year With Self-care | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog

“During the weekend I feel like I've really taken care of myself if I've spent time cleaning my space and doing yard work. Then either sinking into my couch under a blanket with some snacks and binge watching a show for the rest of the day into the late hours of the night, or hosting family and friends over in my backyard, depending on what I feel my needs are that week. P.F. fragrances are a big part of my weekend routines centered around self-care. I start off my Saturday or Sunday morning burning incense, recently Ojai Lavender, while I open up the windows to circulate fresh air and begin my cleaning process. Once I've finished cleaning, the last thing I'll do is light a candle or two. I'm currently burning Orange Cardamom and Amber & Moss. Lighting candles helps me transition from cleaning mode to relaxing, and if I'm hosting, I'll set my backyard table with those candles.” – Riley, Inventory Assistant

What are your self-care rituals? Share your tips below!

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