Routines with Andrey Tarasov

My space correlates with my busy life & balances it out. I am often on the run with skateboarding, jumping into shoots of all kinds as a model or actor, and photographing for work. My life often keeps my schedule overwhelming– but it is indeed the way I enjoy it! My life is such a blessing, but I need time & space to totally disconnect & make sure I care for my mind & body. One of the first things I love to do in the morning is make nice organic coffee pour over & then a super healthy smoothie. Immediately after I love to journal about things I have gratitude for in my life & then maybe write my direction or Goals that are mentally present. Having the space to write & create clears my mind, refreshes and recharges me while making me feel sharp again! It is important to treat one’s mental health just as their physical health. For me journaling gives me a lot of clarity & insight.
Routines with Andrey Tarasov | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog

Skateboarding is something that consumes a lot of my time & can totally take a toll on me, mentally and physically! So it’s super important for me to balance this activity out with the physical therapy it takes to pursue this passion of mine. Oftentimes when going out & trying a difficult trick it can make my body ache for days or weeks depending on severity of the trick. This downtime from skating I use as a time to grab the same energy & focus it elsewhere such as into my work & ideas. But it’s important to use my time at home as a space to stretch, exercise & get out any physical knots that could be hurting or deteriorating the progress of my skating.. I stretch & do yoga at home when I can to have the balance to get back to the streets which can be harsh with the experiences of skateboarding or taking slams on the unforgiving cement and pavement. We all must know how to take a fall. It’s something that happens to us all in life as humans whether it’s physically or metaphorically. It’s how you bounce back from such a time & pick yourself up to achieve your best & learn from the fall because it’s the process I trust & pursue. My philosophy is that failing is part of success.
Routines with Andrey Tarasov | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog

I feel quite lucky living with my roommates now that I absolutely adore. We keep our house tidy & neat which is our sanctuary. Our house sits amongst flowers and after all this rain in LA this year, the flowers are blooming in all sorts of colors. While sitting outside (writing or reading) I am often allured by the colors of flowers that are bright as can be! The aroma of the flowers is sweet & pure while earthy at the same time. Especially when I sit outside in the morning & gather my thoughts in the sunlight with a cup of coffee. The scent from the flowers provides a feeling of energy as they are blooming & showing their brightest colors. I hadn’t seen the colors in LA quite like this yet. It’s an inspiring & heart warming site.

Having a space that emerges from the light & nature of the neighborhood is vital to me! I often photograph the neighborhood & friends in my neighborhood. I think a true artist is familiar with their surroundings & shows gratitude towards the simplicities of life such as the light that beams into the house around golden hour.

One of the things I do to immerse myself in the neighborhood is riding my bike all around. The wind in my hair & the speed of the bike is so great to feel an escape. Biking helps me mentally & at the same time refreshes my mind. Biking is an extremely important part of my ritual weekly as it helps with ankles & knees which I can only work on strengthening with skateboarding being primarily rigorous on those parts of my body. These rituals are not just things I do to feel good but they are so embedded into my lifestyle that it helps me avoid serious mental burnout or physical injury.
Routines with Andrey Tarasov | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog

When I’m not working or brainstorming a million thoughts - I love to grab a bunch of my fashion books or books to read & light some candles or incense & just lay on beautiful rug & flip through pages of inspirational fashion photography, skateboarding or things that simply make my mind go & excite me! These moments of inspiration are much needed to me because there are so many times I see an image and have a complete “Aha” moment of something similar I’d like to shoot! Grabbing inspiration from the resources I have is vital to my creative process. Inspiration is all around us and I find it so important to tap into one’s creativity. These moments are perfect for the Wild Herb Tonic candle or incense which I thoroughly enjoy! I feel this scent is invigorating while I soak in the inspiration that goes hand in hand with the moment. I gain excitement in my down time that the scent embodies naturally as well. The feeling of comfort & relaxation at home parallels directly to my busy & Exciting lifestyle in those moments.

All of my rituals are important to me - whether it’s spending time & reading, writing or stretching! These practices keep me sane & healthy for the busy days & times ahead. It’s important to know when to tune into you because we all have mental & physical batteries that need to be recharged.
Routines with Andrey Tarasov | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co. Blog

These moments of serenity are important to my overall well being which goes hand in hand with my space that nourishes me. I see my space as a lovely spot that energizes me to jump back into the adventure that life has to offer with my passions that guide me because I feel this moment in my life is temporary and I live for the adventure at the moment. Home brings me back to me & I recharge to get back into the busy & beautiful world.

- Andrey Tarasov

Andrey Tarasov is a creative, model, & skater currently based in Los Angeles. When he’s not photographing, he’s out looking for a new spot to master a trick. You can keep up with Andrey here.

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