What’s Up With Ojai Lavender?

When we launched Ojai Lavender early last year, we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly it became a bestseller. Our goal was to develop a true lavender scent, and were inspired by Central California and the relaxing vortex that is the small mountain town of Ojai. After tons of positive feedback and careful consideration, we’ve decided to expand this scent’s collection to include Large Candles, Room & Linen Spray, refillable Hand & Body Wash, and Car Fragrance — officially launching on Tuesday, April 18th! Wanna be notified as soon as the newness is available? Make sure you’re on our newsletter list, or sign up for texts!

Ojai Lavender was inspired by idyllic days spent in Ojai, surrounded by the Topatopa Mountains and nestled amongst golden hills of dry grass, citrus groves, and lavender farms. This bright and aromatic scent folds herbaceous mint and calming lavender with zesty citrus and grounding red cedar. It’s basically a true lavender with a citrus twist and that’s why it quickly became a popular scent. Fans began to request this scent in different formats, and after careful consideration, we decided to do just that!

We understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to home fragrance and what you bring home should be practical and accessible. We prefer to be thoughtful and intentional about expanding our lines. After all, our mission is to create products that will help make your spaces smell incredible, leaving you and those around you feeling good. But it doesn’t end there. Our vessels are designed to look great and are meant to be repurposed. Check out our guide on how to clean your reusable glass jars and bottles to give them a second life.
What’s Up With Ojai Lavender? | Common Scents: The P.F. Candle Co Blog

Originally, the Ojai Lavender line included Standard Candles, Reed Diffusers, and Incense. Now, we’re adding Large Candles, Room & Linen Sprays, Hand & Body Wash, and Car Fragrance to the collection. Ojai Lavender has a moderate scent intensity, and with the expanded line, it’s easy to customize the experience and layer products for a stronger scent throw, infusing any space with its calming scent. Large Candles feature a 60-70 hour burn time and are great for larger spaces or a strong scent throw in smaller spaces for those who prefer it. Our body-safe Room & Linen Spray is great for refreshing linens, closets, car interiors, and pretty much any space. We love having Hand & Body Wash in the bathroom, as this zesty true lavender scent is perfect for an invigorating shower leaving you smelling great all day. Car Fragrance is, of course, designed first for cars, but can also be used in small spaces that need a scent boost like closets, storage rooms, and bathrooms.

We’re excited to expand the Ojai Lavender collection, officially available on Tuesday, April 18th, online, at both of our local California candle shops, and at your favorite boutique near you.

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I am so happy to see ojai lavender coming out in a car fragrance, I fell in love with it when I first got a candle,very nice scent. Love your stuff!

Sharon Waters April 14, 2023

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