Comfort Zones: Elise

They/Them/Theirs – Kingston, NY

Scent is a powerful force that can take us back to fond memories of a place or time. With the power of scent, routines are normally created as a ritualistic habit that brings comfort, focus, or relaxation. We met with Elise, a long-time fave creator of ours, and the hands behind Sour Baby Ceramics. Today we’re sharing how they use scent to enhance their day-to-day.

Comfort Zone: Living/Dining Room

“The living room/dining room is totally my comfort zone. It's very cozy, but not cramped. Unwinding here means anything from marathoning Schitt's Creek on the couch with my dog, to working on ceramics at our coffee table. In the evening, a candle or two is lit to give off some warm vibes.” Get yourself a candle here.

P.F. Fave: Reed Diffusers

“We always have at least two in our home, and Amber & Moss is my #1 favorite. I often give them as house-warming presents for friends!” Browse our diffuser collection here.

Daily Scent Rituals: Room Sprays + Incense Cones

“The living room + bedroom get the room spray, and incense cones are used in the bathroom or in our apartment’s laundry room since it can get funky in there. I hope our neighbors appreciate it!” Shop room sprays here, or check out our Sunset incense cones here.

Elise is a New York-based ceramicist – follow them on Instagram and

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