Candles, music -- you know what's going on here.

We took our most popular scents and made playlists to go with them perfectly. A big thank you to our Winter 2016 marketing intern, Jenny for being such a Spotify wizard!

Teakwood & Tobacco is cool & moody, for fans of Mac Demarco, Tame Impala or The Black Keys. 
Golden Coast is chill & upbeat, for fans of Coconut Records, Best Coast or Vampire Weekend.
Nightshade is relaxing & smooth, for fans of King Krule, The XX, or James Blake.

Teakwood & Tobacco: Our most popular, unisex scent Teakwood & Tobacco reminds us of the coolest person you know in their worn leather jacket. This is what (we imagine) they listen to. Ya know, when they're on a cross-country motorcycle road trip or spending the night in their dimly lit, exposed-brick loft. Or something.

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Golden Coast: California native or not, here's a playlist that reminds us of summers in LA and day trips to the coast. You don't even have to go outside - just get a Golden Coast reed diffuser in your space, press play and prepare for the ultimate west-coast chill. Trick your friends into thinking your place naturally smells like the ocean, even if you're inland. They'll never know. 

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Nightshade: Here's the scene: it's raining, you just clocked out of work, it's been a long day. Play these tracks, inspired by our calming floral scent, No. 25: Nightshade. Okay -- even if that's not your situation, we all deserve a bit of relaxation. This playlist was made for that drive home, setting the tone of a laid back night. Treat yo'self. 

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