With all the holiday season craziness coming to a point, we've put together some thoughtful gifts for the mind and body. These are our go-to picks from brands we love for when we want to cleanse away any bad vibes. 

1. Face Hanging Pot by Rami Kim, $98
Rami Kim is a Los Angeles-based artist and an award-winning animator who curates handmade sculptural ceramics, usually made-to-order. 

2. Custom 8-Piece Juice Set from Juice Served Here, prices vary by selection
This LA juice brand offers custom box sets, where you can put together 8 of your favorite juices, health shots, snacks or whatever you're craving. 

3. Crystal Palo Santo Necklace by Aquarian Soul Designs, $32
We've never seen anything like this palo santo necklace from Aquarian Soul Designs - you can wear it, hang it, or use it to smudge away bad spirits at home. 

4. Good Vibes Oil
 by Moon Rivers Naturals, $15
Moon Rivers Naturals focuses on making their products simple and pure. This oil is a blend of flowers, herbs, quartz crystals, and essential oils that brings in positive energy all day long. 

5. Bath Salts Set- Detox & Calm
 by Herbivore Botanicals, $32
Detox is meant to rid of bad energy with lavender and eucalyptus, while Calm soothes with Ylang Ylang and natural vanilla. 

6. Bath Meditation Bundle by Incausa, $20-36
Incausa encourages purposeful artisanship and heritage, very clear in this meditation bundle that includes vegan soap and incense made of natural essential oils. Available in three sizes, this set is perfect for enjoying a soothing bubble bath after yoga. 

7. Cactus Mug
 from Len Collective, $36

Lens Collective is a brick and mortar shop that collects unique artisanal goods, like this ceramic cactus mug. Your morning coffee just got so much cooler.

8. Sweetgrass Incense by Juniper Ridge, $12
Our friends at Juniper Ridge call this “incense for people who like sitting around the campfire.” Sounds good to us!

9. Copal Room Spray
by P.F. Candle Co., $10
Our most relaxing fragrance is now available in room spray. Take this woody, citrusy and resinous take on Mayan incense with you wherever you go - no flame needed. 

10. Rattan Patterned Backpack from Abaca Store, $75
Handmade from resilient and durable rattan, these backpacks fit close to the body. The best part: A portion of all proceeds goes to Right Start Foundation, a non-profit, non-government organization for underprivileged Filipino children.

11. Orange Cardamom Standard Candle
 by P.F. Candle Co., $18
Citrus and black tea spiced with ginger, peppercorn, clove and cardamom. Inspired by homemade orange pomanders, this scent lends coziness on a chilly afternoon. 

12. Mini Chimes Garland from Meus Shop, $19
Meus offers a curated selection of quality focused goods from independent designers. The mini-chimes garland is made of cute bells attached to a colorful string - great for hanging up above your bed or as a door chime. 

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